Invisible Bead Extensions

Have you always been intrigued about extensions but weren’t sure where to start or felt overwhelmed by the endless options? Invisible Bead Extension Method could be the perfect option for you!

Hand Tied extensions are a method where wefts of hair are sown into placed beads attached to your natural hair. IBE is the number one most requested hand-tied extension method created to solve major problems encountered with other types of hand-tied methods out there.

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Products to use with your new extensions

Goldie Locks- This entire system is perfect for extensions. These products have a focus on deep hydration and moisture, continually adding a protective element to keep the integrity of your hair extensions and extending the life of your new hair.

The other lines we offer that are extension safe are REF and a few of our UNITE favorites. Youll want to make sure after washing your extensions you follow up with a leave in conditioner. We recommend UNITE’s 7seconds leave in conditioner or Goldie Locks ultra-hydrating leave in.

Lastly you will want to use a daily serum or oil. This will help keep your hair soft and manageable and serve as a necessary heat protectant. Avoid tinted oils which will tarnish your blonde extensions. We recommend Unite U-oil or Goldie Locks signature serum.

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So you just got your new hair! Now what?

1/ Always use professional products that are paraben and sulfate free on your investment. We recommend washing with extensions 1-2 times per week if suitable for your lifestyle. After washing, towel dry your hair and spray a leave in conditioner avoiding the roots but starting at the mid lengths and spraying through the ends. You will want to apply approx. 1 pump of an oil or serum to the mid lengths and ends of your extensions daily.

2/ Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day. With a boar bristle brush and your free hand, keep pressure at the base of your row to eliminate tension and puling while you brush. Also make sure to separate your rows and brush underneath and between each.

3/ Do not go to bed with wet hair! This can cause extreme matting and tangles. We recommend sleeping with a loose side braid or top knot with a silk scrunchie and silk pillow case.

4/ Follow proper swimming/beach hair prep. Rinse hair with tap water first then liberally apply a leave in conditioner. Do not dry your hair. Try your best to keep hair out of chlorine but if unavoidable, wash hair immediately after. Use ONLY a mineral based sunscreen. Failure to do so will result in your extension hair turning pink.

Hair Extension faqs

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