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Hair Appointment


How do I schedule an app online?

Go to the “our stylists” page to view and select which service provider you would like to schedule with. Click the “book with” button which will take you directly to that stylist online booking platform. Through this page you will also have access to stylist’s bio, contact info and social media so you can make sure it’s a perfect fit!

How do I reschedule my appointment?

Because we are all independent stylists working together under the same roof, that means we might do things a little different than eachother. To reschedule an appointment you can do that through your stylists online booking link or contacting your stylist directly. Visit the “our stylist” page for more information!

What should I expect at my first visit?

You will be able to find parking along the street in front of the salon or in the big parking lot located right off St. Paul Street and Pleasant Street. You will be warmly welcomed and offered a beverage. Your stylist will do a thorough consultation with you so you can sit back and relax for the rest of your service. Need a phone charger or a snack? We got you! Sonder Grove offers the comfort of home in an elevated experience.

What services does the salon offer/pricing?

Each stylist brings a different skillset to our team, so we are able to offer a wide range of services from men’s cuts to hand tied extensions! Check out each individual stylist’s menu and pricing in the “our stylists” page for more information!

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Hair Maintenance


How do I take care of my hair?

Basic hair health starts with a proper hair care regimen. You’ll want to make sure you invest in salon grade products that are paraben and sulfate free, especially if you have invested into your hair with a color/lightening service. This will allow for much better hair health and color retention. Followed by a heat protectant if you are doing any sort of thermal or blow dry styling. Hair is also more susceptible to damage when it is wet so silk pillowcases and microfiber towels are best for the least amount of damage. We also recommend scrunchies or softer material elastics aside from the traditional hair tie to reduce frizz and tension on the hair.

How often should I be washing my hair?

Depending on the texture and density of the hair type, we recommend you washing your hair on average 2-3 times a week. If you wash too often it can lead to your hair becoming dry or brittle. Excessive washing can also lead to your color becoming dull, flat, brassy and faded. However, If you don’t wash your hair enough this can lead to irritation, dandruff and buildup at your scalp from dead skin cells and product. If you have finer hair you might find yourself having to wash a bit more often than those with very coarse of thick hair as coarser hair camouflages an oily scalp better than fine hair does.

How often should I get a haircut?

On average if you are getting a haircut for the sake of growing long healthy hair, we recommend getting a haircut every 12-16 weeks. This helps prevent split ends and breakage that may occur so you can retain more length. Color treated hair or fine hair may want to consider a haircut every 6-10 weeks as this hair can be a little more fragile texture.

Do you offer any styling tips?

Yes! Head on over to our Instagram where we have featured style tutorials.

What products should I be using?

Generalized, our secret hair care recipe consists of the following- Two shampoos to be rotated, one of those being a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo. The other being a clarifying OR purple/blonde shampoo. Depending on how often you shampoo, we recommend a 2:1 ratio. Next step is a hydrating conditioner. Especially for our blondies. This should be applied after every shampoo from the mid lengths of the hair down, avoiding the roots. When you get out of the shower it is essential to use a heat protectant before any sort of thermal/blow-dry styling. Lastly we apply oil from mid-lengths to ends for ultimate hair protection.

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Hand Tied Extensions


What are they?

Hand Tied extensions are a method where wefts of hair are sown into placed beads attached to your natural hair. IBE is the number one most requested hand-tied extension method created to solve major problems encountered with other types of hand-tied methods out there.

Will they damage my natural hair?

Most importantly, IBE prevents damage to the client’s hair and scalp from tension, over direction, and haphazard installs. This means it’s considered one of the safest extension methods on the market.

Who are they for?

Almost anyone can get Invisible bead extensions. Typically known for adding length, the hair comes in 14”-24” inches. These are also a great light weight option for those who have finer or thinner hair and want a fuller more voluminous look.

How long does a service take?

A one row install takes about an hour and a half. Two row takes about 3 hours. If you are getting color in addition to extension install come prepared to hang out with us for a good part of your day.

How often should I get a move up?

Depending on your hair texture you will need a move up every 6-10 weeks. Its personal preference but around 7-8 weeks is usually the sweet spot.

Can I wear my hair up without having to worry about my extensions showing?

Known for being the original “flip up” Invisible bead extensions have maximum styling versatility. This means no worrying about exposed beads, bonds or tapes when wearing your hair up. All our extensions come rooted or can be custom colored to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

How much do extensions cost?

This is contingent on your goals and a more informed quote can be given during a consultation or after you fill out our new client extension form. The initial investment is in the hair. Your goals will determine how much hair is needed. For an initial installation appointment, the cost is 200 per row. After your initial appointment every 6-10 weeks for your move up the cost is 175 for one row and 150 for the second.

What products should I be using?

Goldie Locks- This entire system is perfect for extensions. These products have a focus on deep hydration and moisture, continually adding a protective element to keep the integrity of your hair extensions and extending the life of your new hair.

The other lines we offer that are extension safe are REF and a few of our UNITE favorites. Youll want to make sure after washing your extensions you follow up with a leave in conditioner. We recommend UNITE’s 7seconds leave in conditioner or Goldie Locks ultra-hydrating leave in.

Lastly you will want to use a daily serum or oil. This will help keep your hair soft and manageable and serve as a necessary heat protectant. Avoid tinted oils which will tarnish your blonde extensions. We recommend Unite U-oil or Goldie Locks signature serum.